Conference SPEAKERS

Sowing the seeds for healthy soils, resilient farms and thriving communities

VIRTUAL: January 27-29 

In-Person: March 18 Hopkinsville, KY

In-Person: April 8 Burlington, KY

Virtual Agenda



Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

Regenerative Agriculture Alliance;

Salvatierra Farms

jennifer taylor can we use.jpg

Jennifer Taylor

Florida Agricultural And Mechanical University'

Lola's Organic Farm

David Johnson pic.jpg

David Johnson

Institute for Sustainable Agricultural Research at NMSU;

Center for Regenerative Agriculture and Resilient Systems at CSU Chico


Ben Abell_edited.jpg

Ben Abell

Rootbound Farm

Adam and Rae Barr_edited.jpg

Adam Barr

Bryan Brady 2021_edited.jpg

Bryan Brady

UK Food Connection / Cultivate Kentucky

Adam Chambers Picture01_edited.jpg

Adam Chambers

NRCS Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team

Farmer panel_Laura Freeman_edited.jpg

Laura Freeman

Mt Folly Farm Enterprise


Jesse Frost

Rough Draft Farmstead;

No-Till Growers

Dave G.jpg

David Gonthier

UK Department of Entomology

Scott Gowers Rolling Fork Organic Farm tunnel_edited.jpg

Scott Gowers

Rolling Fork Organic Farm

Mitch Hunter.png

Mitch Hunter

American Farmland Trust


Matt Hutchison

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service - KY

John Kempf.png

John Kempf

Advancing Eco Agriculture

Picture 6814.jpg

Kentucky Nature Preserves

Tara Littlefield


Janet Meyer

Berea College Farm

DMoore Picture_edited.jpg

Dakota Moore

KY Horticulture Council

Jann Knappage

UK Cooperative Extension Service


Jason Nally

KY Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources

Mt Folly Farm.jpg

Ben Pasley

Mt Folly Farm Enterprise

Jen Rankin

Rankin Farm


Patrick Ranval

Magney Legacy Ridge Farm

Mark Reed.jpg

Mark Reed

KY Department of Agriculture

... and more to come!

MChristy Picture_edited.jpg

Myrisa Christy

Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD)

Steve Diver pic--June 2014_edited.jpg

Steve Diver

UK Horticulture Research Farm

SPSG(60of108) IG crop_edited.jpg

Maggie Dungan

Salad Days Farm

Daniel Eggert Head Shot.PNG

Daniel Eggert

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Barr Farms

Amber Sciligo.jpg

Amber Sciligo

The Organic Center

Tony Silvernail

Beyond the Bridge Organic Farm

J tunic best headshot_4X6_32 (3).jpg
SHF Ford outstanding in his field1_edited.jpg

Jackie Walters

UK Cooperative Extension Service

Ford Waterstrat

Sustainable Harvest Farm

Michele for OAK conference 2021.jpg

Michele West

UK Cooperative Extension Service

Thistles End Farm.png

John Wilhoit

Thistle's End Farm


Jeff Windhorst

Spade and Table Farm

OAK 2 tone.jpg


more to come!

Check back soon!   We're adding even more speakers to this awesome list!