Policy & Advocacy

Through national and local partnerships OAK works to connect Kentucky farmers with resources and opportunities to elevate their voices on issues of agriculture policy that impact family farms and communities. OAK's policy work is guided by the mission of advancing opportunities for regenerative organic agriculture for healthy soils, thriving farms and healthy communities. 

What do you think should be food and farm policy priorities? We invite you to get involved! 2023 is a Farm Bill year and it will set funding levels for major federal agriculture programs for the next 5 years. Everyone should have a voice in the conversation. Share your priorities through the form and take a look at the helpful local and national resources below. 


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Curious to learn more and stay involved throughout the year? OAK looks to local and national partners who are leading this important work, identifying spaces where priorities and values are aligned and where farmers voices are needed in the conversation. Afterall, we're stronger together and the more voices that speak up for food and farm policy that support family farms using organic practices the better! Below are a few of the organizations providing advocacy resources for farmers, community members and policy platforms for your consideration. If you would like to know more or connect with OAK staff about Kentucky farmer needs and priorities, please contact us and fill out the form at the green button above. 



Community Farm Alliance (CFA)

Since 1985, CFA members have influenced over two dozen pieces of legislation in support of Kentucky’s farmers and the rural and urban communities that depend on them. Watch CFA's 2023 Farm Bill Basics webinar here for an overview on this large piece of legislation.


Kentucky Food and Agriculture Network (KFAN)

KFAN is a collective of individuals and organizations united under the common purpose of creating accessible and resilient food systems that prioritize the health of Kentuckians and the land across our Commonwealth by nurturing all aspects of Kentucky’s food system, from the producer to the consumer. Powered by Policy Work Groups that are dedicated to tackling broad food policy issues at the local, state, and federal levels of governmentLearn more about KFAN here and sign up to get involved here


National Coalition of Sustainable Agriculture (NSAC)

NSAC and member groups advance common positions to support small and mid-size family farms, protect natural resources, promote healthy rural communities, and ensure access to healthy, nutritious foods by everyone. By bringing grassroots perspectives to the table normally dominated by big business, NSAC levels the playing field and gives voice to sustainable and organic farmers. 

Read NSAC's 2023 Farm Bill Priorities here.


Organic Farmers Association (OFA) 

OFA provides a strong and unified national voice for domestic certified organic producers. With the purpose to build and support a farmer-led national organic farmer movement and national policy platform by developing and advocating for policies that benefit organic farmers, strengthening and supporting the capacity of organic farmers and organizations, supporting collaborations and leadership among organic farmer organizations, and working in cooperations with like-minded organizations. OAK's Executive Director served on OFA's Governing Council and OAK is an OFA member. Read OFA's 2023 Farm Bill Priorities here



Organic Trade Association (OTA)

OTA brings farmers, processors, distributors, retailers and others together to promote and protect the growing organic sector. OAK is an OTA member and has a seat on the Organic Trade Association's Farmers Advisory Council (FAC). FAC provides the Organic Trade Association Board of Directors and staff with input from small- and medium-sized organic farmers, ranchers, and growers on matters pertinent to the advancement of organic agriculture, with a specific focus on OTA’s policy agenda. Through open dialogue, FAC gives organic farmers a voice to directly influence OTA’s policy and enables OTA to better represent the diversity of organic producers in its policy and advocacy. OAK farmer members whose income from farming is less than $250,000 per year (aligned with USDA definition of “small farmer”) will be eligible for OTA’s Farmstead membership and may choose to become a direct member of OTA for an annual membership fee of $50, additional membership levels are available to larger operations. Read OTA's 2023 Farm Bill priorities here