Transition Trainer

Organic Transition Trainers assist farmers who are interested in transitioning to USDA-certified organic production. Trainers are organic specialists and are available for one-on-one consultations, providing a personal level of service and technical assistance on-site, at the farmer’s convenience and can assist in the following areas:   

  • Developing farm transition plans

  • Filling out the Organic System Plan
  • Navigating regulations around organic certification

  • Recordkeeping, maps, buffers and other specific requirements 

  • Practical details about organic crop, livestock, grain, and dairy production

  • Fundamental principles of organic agriculture

  • Marketing opportunities

Do you have a few questions BEFORE you get started? Send an email to [email protected] and we'll chat through it with you. Please note, this is a FREE, first-come first-served service and we encourage all farms to have a current OAK membershipWatch this short webinar to learn about organics in Kentucky, considerations for organic transition and how to prepare a successful application.

Ready to get started with a Trainer and prepare for Organic Certification?

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Excited to dig into the details?

First - apply to work with an Organic Transition Trainer above! Then check out these resources below. Just remember - an Organic Trainer will assist you through the process of understanding the National Organic Program Regulations, how to apply for organic certification with a certifier, developing records and more. 

The National Organic Program (NOP) regulations:

Material Review Lists: Organic farmers have to know what products and materials are allowed or prohibited in organic production. KDA recognizes these material review lists and contact OAK if you have questions:











This program is made possible with support fromSnowy Owl, Patagonia, Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program.