OAK Farming Resources



OAK has developed resources to help farmers find services, source supplies, make a crop plan, keep important records and more. Below are links to "view-only" versions of the resources. To obtain a copy for your farm, open the document, click on File > Make a copy, select a location on your Google Drive, and rename and edit it as you see fit. For those who prefer not to use Google Drive, you can download some of the tools and save them to your computer by clicking File > Download. 

Our goal is for these tools and templates to be relevant and useful to Kentucky producers, and we will do our best to regularly update them as we receive feedback and suggestions. Please let us know of any additional tools or resources you would like to see in this list. Feedback can be shared here. If you have any questions about how to use and adapt these resources for your operation, email Sarah Geurkink ([email protected]).


Kentucky Production & Technical Assistance Catalog

  • Where to get things, where to get help, where to find information? It takes farmers a long time to build this body of knowledge. This is a farmer-generated resource that aggregates producer insights and sourcing preferences. Use it to find what you need! Please consider adding your go-to sources for materials, seeds, tools, equipment and technical assistance into the document, or give us feedback on what you see. This catalog was adapted from the Midwest Vegetable Growers Network's (MVEGcatalog

OAK Vegetable Crop Planning Tool

  • Use this spreadsheet to establish a new vegetable crop production plan or organize your existing one. This template allows farmers to generate separate greenhouse and planting schedules from a primary crop plan.

OAK Field and Tunnel Maps Template

  • Use this spreadsheet to map out your crop and rotation plan as you build it and to visualize it throughout the growing season. Field and Tunnel Maps can be printed and kept in a centralized location or at the entrance of your high tunnel, etc. Use the “ACTUAL” space to note actual planting as it takes place and any changes to the plan that come up.

OAK Organic Record-Keeping Template

  • This resource includes templates for much of the record-keeping required for Organic Certification. This tool includes a spreadsheet and connected Google forms for growers who want to use their phones to quickly input records from the field. Check with your certifier to make sure this format will work for them.

OAK Soil Test Record and Interpretation Tool

  • This document will help you visualize and track your soil test results and changes over several years. As you input soil test results, cells will automatically change color to reflect low to high levels for each category.