Organic Research: 2024 Small Grains Survey

Be Part of the Solution: Give Your Voice to Our Shared Future in Organic Farming

Organic Grain Survey
Kentucky farmers... do you grow organic grain crops, or are you interested in incorporating organic grains into your farming systems?

If so, researchers from the University of Kentucky invite you to participate in a survey about organic grains in Kentucky and the surrounding region. The survey will help inform regional organic grain research and education and will take 10-25 minutes of your timeYour responses to the research survey are anonymous. Email [email protected] with questions. The survey closes on February 9th, 2024. 


Contribute to the Organic Grains Survey
Organic Research and the OAK 2024 Annual Conference

Now gathering for our 13th year, OAK’s conference offers our farming community a space to share foundational knowledge and research about organic production practices and their ecological and economic benefits. OAK works to create an inclusive community-learning experience that will bolster the success and capacity of producers and professionals throughout our region aligned with these science-based practices in farming, food systems and extension work. We are grateful that you are here.


This 2024 OAK Conference received support from the Organic Agriculture Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) of USDA’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture to deliver relevant, practical, science-based content in ways that connect our state and region’s producers with researchers and technical service providers and build conversations about the needs, barriers, successes and challenges within organic agriculture. 


With contributions from all Conference participants, OAK will listen and learn as we collect the shared conversations in session recordings, audience discussions, moderator/staff/Board reflections and participant feedback. From this rich body of information and inspiration, we will craft an analysis of critical organic agricultural issues, priorities, gaps or problems and a proposal of actions or solutions to enhance and expand organic agriculture in the region and share them within our farming community and with OREI to further the work from academics and agricultural professionals.


We invite and appreciate your active and thoughtful participation in the session Q&As, panel discussions, roundtable conversations, written reflections, and event feedback responses. Together we will learn new and innovative approaches and restore wise and effective approaches to work within our natural and social ecosystems for increased resilience and stronger connection into our shared future.