In the Garden: Support Organics One Seed at a Time

We all know our food dollars can make an impact on the food system and so can our seed purchases. If you are in the midst of purchasing seeds this spring, seek out certified organic seeds whenever possible. Learn more below and watch this video here to understand how this small act can make a big difference.

Why certified organic seed?

1. Reduce pesticide use in agriculture

This is an easy way to support the mission of organic farming and ensure the seeds you purchase are produced without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. It also helps reduce the overall use of these products in agriculture. Crops grown for seed naturally stay in the ground longer. Conventional seed crops might be sprayed multiple times through the season before they are harvested for their seed. Purchasing organic seeds ensures none of these synthetic substances are ever applied to the crop or find their way to the surrounding environment.

2. Improve soil health

When you buy organic seeds you are making a commitment to all of the environmental benefits that come with organic farming including agriculture practices that improve soil organic matter, pollinator habitat, and promote healthier waterways. Important to note, less pesticide use also means less petroleum-use (synthetic nitrogen specifically) which means your seeds have a lower carbon footprint.

3. Strengthen the organic food system

There is currently not enough certified organic seeds being produced to support organic farmers. When you prioritize purchasing certified organic seed you let producers know this is a priority and to

increase overall production. Read more about the

state of our seed here.

Where to find organic seed?

Know your farmer and know your seed company. Buying from smaller seed companies that prioritize certified organic seeds, genetic diversity, and are dedicated to a resilient food system is important for a stronger food system for all.

To get started, explore a few of the seed companies and organizations here:

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