In the Garden…Activities for Kids

There is nothing more fulfilling than watching life grow before your very eyes. If you are looking for ideas for little ones this summer look no further than the garden.

If you don’t have a garden in your backyard, consider starting one (view ideas here), planting in containers (view tips here), or finding a community garden plot nearby.

Try these Gardening Activities with Kids:

If you are starting seeds for a fall garden try making these paper pots that can be directly planted into the garden and are biodegradable. These pots help save on plastic and reduce the shock of transplanting since the entire pot is buried in the garden.

Consider making a few seed bombs to help promote pollinators and wildflowers in your community. All you need are native seeds, potting mix, and a binding agent like flour, clay, or construction paper. Once complete these seed bombs can be strategically scattered in natural areas around your neighborhood to increase native plants.

Test the health of your soil with an activity called soil your undies. This initiative was started by the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) in 2018 to look at microbial life in the soil. All you need are a pair of white cotton underwear and a shovel. Bury these at least three inches deep on the edge of your garden. Mark this location and wait two months. Dig them back up and see how much they have decomposed. If there is only a waistband left your soil is alive and healthy with lots of soil microorganisms!

Be a friend to the bees and set up a bee watering station in your backyard. Just like humans, bees need water. They use it to cool off, feed baby bees, and dilute the honey they eat if it crystallizes to make it drinkable again. Try making a DIY watering station by using an existing bird bath or using a shallow dish (about the size of a frisbee) and adding pebbles and an inch or two of water.

More Garden Fun for All Ages:

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