Organic Transition Trainer Program


OAK's Transition Trainers assist farmers who are interested in transitioning to USDA-certified organic production. Transition Trainers are organic specialists and are available for one-on-one consultations, providing a personal level of service and technical assistance on-site, at the farmer’s convenience. Transition Trainers can help in the following areas:   




Ready to get started with a Trainer and

work on preparing for Organic Certification?

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Please note: this is a FREE, first-come first-served service and

we encourage all farms to have a current OAK membership

Watch this short webinar to learn about organics in Kentucky, considerations for organic transition and how to prepare a successful application.


Excited to get started? Check out our page on Organic Certification Resources

to learn about the certifying process, organic regulations and more.


This program is made possible with support from:

Snowy Owl, Patagonia, Specialty Crop Block Grant Program and USDA Farmers Market Promotion Program

  • Farm transition plans

  • Navigating regulations around organic certification

  • Fundamental principles of organic agriculture

  • Practical details about organic crop, livestock, grain, and dairy production

  • Marketing opportunities

  • Recordkeeping and other specific requirements