The Organic Association of Kentucky is a nonprofit organization that promotes organic agriculture and eating among farmers and citizens of the Commonwealth and beyond. We believe that organic agriculture improves the earth, communities and our health. You can support this work by making a tax-deductible donation.


OAK works to educate farmers through its annual conference, field days and one-on-one training. The annual conference, held the first Friday and Saturday of March, attracts 200+ attendees who attend workshops, hear inspiring speakers, meet experts among vendors and enjoy meals of organic foods. 


Field days give farmers a chance to be “on the ground” with farmers, academics and other experts who have knowledge and experience with techniques, equipment methods, and additional resources that make sustainable and organic growing more successful. From permaculture to row crops, water harvesting to forage management, these information-packed events allow for the most practical and specific information exchange.


Through a matching grant with USDA’s NRCS agency, OAK provides “transition trainers,” one-on-one advisors who can coach farmers through their transition to become certified organic. Transition trainers help with paperwork, farm planning, resources and marketing. The service is free to OAK members.

In addition, OAK works with partners to help consumers understand the benefits of eating organic food and to increase access to organic foods, through consumer-oriented outreach and education programs and workplace wellness CSA. 

If you need help finding information, please send us an email or give us a call. We are here to answer your questions about sustainable, organic farming and eating.

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