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Growing a Better Berry

La Finca Berries transition to Certified Organic When Pete and Wanda Palumbo of La Finca Berries brought their first blueberry harvest to market in 2019, Pete recalls a customer remarking, “I have never had a blueberry that good in my life”. They knew they were on to something. Their mission to grow sweet, ripe, and firm berries was being realized. Pete and Wanda first thought about growing blueberries more than 5 years ago when they saw their neighbors transform an open grass field into a vineyard and wondered about possibilities for their own land. When they tested the soil, they discovered its low pH was perfect for acid-loving blueberries. In 2016, they got to work clearing 2 acres. The

In the Garden: Attracting Good Bugs

July is a time when Kentucky vegetable gardens are teeming with life, summer crops are thriving, bees are buzzing, and inevitably you might see a pest or two. One way to prevent long-term pest problems organically is to increase natural populations of good bugs also called beneficials in your garden. These are not limited to bugs, but include other insects, birds, bats, and garden critters. Here are a few key ways you can attract more beneficials to your garden this year: Adopt no spray methods: Avoid conventional pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides. When these chemicals are applied in the garden they harm non-target insects that would otherwise be eating the "bag bugs" and destroy good

Simple Recipes: Blueberry Ice Pops

Cool off this summer with homemade ice pops! These are easy to make with seasonal ingredients and a fun treat for the family. This month we tested out two different recipes with roasted blueberries. When comparing both versions, the yogurt pops seemed to stay together better but the lemon basil had a much stronger, fruitier flavor. A few points to keep in mind when making blueberry ice pops: No matter what recipe you choose, roast your berries! This helps bring out their natural sweetness and juiciness. Sweetness is a matter of personal preference. The yogurt pops had a mild sweetness and the lemon basil pops had a much stronger sweetness. Add more or less sweetener for each recipe based on

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