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Sales of Local Food Soar

Pandemic Increases Demand for CSA Shares In 2007, Adam Barr began selling produce he grew on his family farm in Meade County. Working by himself, he grew and sold an assortment of fresh produce by subscription -- CSA “shares” -- to 11 families. Barr Farms Family with Adam, Rae, Cedar, Sylvan, and Hazel (Photo Credit: Noelle Tennis Gulden) Through the years, produce subscriptions have been a tough sell. Getting people to pay ahead of the season, keeping their choices seasonal, requiring them to prepare a variety of fresh -- sometimes unfamiliar -- vegetables, are a few of the marketing challenges farmers face when they grow for subscription sales. “CSA (requires) a huge amount of communicati

In the Garden: Starting Your Own

The coronavirus pandemic has everyone from the New York Times to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald commenting on and instructing how to raise vegetables at home. The executive chairman of Burpee’s Seed Co. told NPR that he’s never seen a seed-buying surge as large as this year’s -- not during the 1987 stock market crash, or the 2000 dot-com bubble burst, nor earlier oil crises. Gardening is a great learn-by-doing hobby you can do at home. You can jump right in without being an expert and will be able to harvest results while mistakes hardly slow you down. New home-garden efforts will range from growing lettuce in a few grow bags to rototilling large patches of lawn. If you’d like to start small, you

Simple Recipes: Sheet Pan Asparagus and Mushrooms

Asparagus is certainly the sexiest of the spring vegetables. While radishes and green onions and lettuce are all welcome, asparagus is a real treat. Asparagus season is different depending on where you are in Kentucky. But it will definitely start in May and it will last up to 8 weeks. This vegetable comes in all sizes with a variety of thicknesses. Medium thick asparagus is best for this recipe -- pencil thin asparagus would overcook. Wild mushrooms would be a great substitute for conventional if you have them. Pairing butter with the olive oil also adds another dimension to this recipe. Ingredients: 2 to 3 tablespoons olive oil, or a mix of olive oil and butter 1 pound medium asparagus 8 o

Organic Favorites: Simple Truth Seltzer

Keep in mind when shopping for seltzer water that brands with the USDA Organic seal are more narrowly defined than those that say "natural" or make health claims. When a beverage is certified organic, the flavorings it contains are not allowed to use synthetic solvents or artificial preservatives, come from food treated with pesticide, or come from GMO products. In contrast, the federal guidelines for "natural flavors" allow for all sorts of non-natural additives to be used. One of my favorite seltzer brands is the Kroger Simple Truth. The USDA Organic label is right up front, the product is affordable and there are a lot of interesting flavors. My favorite is Mango Grapefruit, it is a uniqu

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