11th Annual Conference 

January 27 - 29, 2022


Conference recordings will be available after the event!

Already registered and looking to log onto the virtual conference? 

You are in the right place. Step by step instructions are below.


Still need to register? Sign up and login! Free registrations available. 


Sign on to the virtual conference platform, Whova, using the same email address you registered with and that received confirmation emails from OAK.



Access Conference with Whova Desktop Access:

  • On the Whova page, click "sign in here" below the sign in button. Then enter your first and last name, email address (using the same email used for Conference registration), and create a password (and save it!). Click "sign up". Now you are in and can set up your profile! NOTE: Chrome internet browser from a desktop is recommended for best live streaming of sessions. 


Access Conference with Whova Mobile App: 

  • You can also access Whova on your mobile device – simply click on the mobile app button above or search “Whova” in the Apple App Store, in Google Play to download the app. Once you’re signed in (using this same email used for Conference registration), the app should recognize you and locate the OAK Conference listing. NOTE: the Whova mobile app is best for using social networking features before, during and after the event.  

If the OAK Conference doesn’t show up automatically in either of these first two steps, search for “11th Annual OAK Conference,” click the join button on the bottom of the event description page, and enter the event invitation code sent in email communication. 

Update your attendee profile once you are logged in to Whova and the OAK Conference! In the mobile app click on the top left circle icon then select “edit my profile” from the pop out menu bar. From the desktop web app click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and select “my profile” from the drop down menu. Add as much or as little information to your profile - and upload a picture! This will assist in making meaningful connections during the event. You’ll notice that speaker profiles, as well as Sponsor and Exhibitor profiles are already updated and ready to connect with you.   

  • Once you’re in Whova, if you need assistance, check the “Whova Guide” section of the menu. Please send us a message in the “Community” tab at “Ask Organizers Anything” or email us with questions.

How do I watch sessions?

Meeting links will appear in the Whova Agenda 5 minutes before the session is scheduled to start. Simply click on the link and a Zoom meeting window will open for the session. Attendees will be let into the meeting from the waiting room at the scheduled start time for the session.


Are there session recordings?

Most sessions are livestreamed. There are currently 3 pre-recorded sessions available. All live sessions will be recorded and will be available after the event through links in the agenda in Whova. Recordings will be available on Whova  for 3 months. 


You'll need the Zoom app on your desktop or mobile device and update it to the most recent version. To ensure that your Zoom program is up-to-date, please visit hereAll Conference sessions and Keynotes will be held in Zoom meetings and links in each session will be easily accessible from the Agenda in Whova. If you are new to Zoom watch this 2 min tutorial detailing easy to use in-meeting features.    

If you have questions or require technical assistance please contact us at info@oak-ky.org. We ask for your patience if you require assistance during the conference.