KY Farm Share Coalition

EC Matthews CSA Program 

What is Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)?
A CSA farm share is a fresh produce subscription program that allows participants to receive a delivery of seasonal produce for a number of weeks (20-22) during the growing season (usually May - October). Payment for the entire growing season is required upfront which provides farms with guaranteed working capital for the growing season. As a consumer, you are buying into the farm and you become a shareholder. This means you share the inherent risks of farming with the farmer including dealing with weather, pests, and other unexpected circumstances but it also means you benefit from being the farm's number one priority when it comes to enjoying the bounty of their weekly harvest.
What are the benefits?

      - Access healthy, fresh food every week

      - Convenience! pick up your share at work or on the way home

      - Get acquainted with who is growing your food and how it's grown

      - Keep your food dollars in your community

      - Opportunity to try new foods and test new recipes

      - A pilot program at the University of Kentucky demonstrates that  

        subscribers to certified organic CSAs go to the doctor less, spend

        less on prescription medications, and eat more fruits & vegetables 

How does the program work?
Employers realize the benefit of a workplace CSA program to the health and wellbeing of their employees. Kentucky employers such as University of Kentucky and Lexington Fayette Urban County Government participate in the program and offer employees a voucher incentive to sign up for a CSA share. An employer offers a predetermined number of vouchers to eligible employees. Employees then sign up for a CSA farm share from a participating farm through this website. Share types, sizes, prices, pick up locations, and season lengths vary so be sure to explore each of the farms' CSA offerings on their websites carefully. Please note that Sustainable Harvest Farm also offers meat and other value-added products. You are welcome to add on these additional items but your voucher is only eligible for a produce/vegetable share.
How do I participate?

EC Matthews has enrolled in the CSA Voucher Program! Those employees who have indicated they would like to participate will receive a voucher code good for $200 towards a full CSA share or a $100 towards a small CSA share. Once you receive your voucher code, visit Sustainable Harvest Farm's website and sign up for your CSA share. On the farm website you will choose the type and size of your share, select your pick up location (enter EC Matthews - Thursdays), and enter your voucher code. The sign-up window for EC Matthews employees is 8am Friday, March 23rd through 11pm Friday, March 30th. You will receive notification from the farm confirming your participation when you complete the sign up process. You will receive information about when to start picking up your CSA farm share closer to the start of the season.

About Sustainable Harvest Farm


Sustainable Harvest Farm has changed the traditional CSA model, which includes a variety of seasonal produce that is selected by the farmer, to a new customizable approach where their CSA members make the choices. It is the closest thing to hand-picking your produce from the farm. If you don’t like beets, don’t worry. If you love zucchini, you'll get more.


Sustainable Harvest Farm produces USDA-certified organic vegetables, Grass Fed Beef and pork. It is the culmination of years of dreaming, planning and praying by Ford and Amanda Waterstrat. In 2011 they offered their farm’s first Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and became the first USDA-Certified Organic Farm in the region. By 2013 they expanded their operation to include grass-fed beef and pastured pork. They continue to look for ways to innovate and expand their farm to provide quality, sustainable and delicious food to their family and community. Click HERE for more information about the farm.

Recipes and Food Preservation


Looking for recipe inspiration appropriate for your CSA haul? Check out ideas from the Stone Barn Center:

Try preserving some of that summer goodness. Use these easy to follow guides from University of Kentucky, Fayette County Cooperative Extension:


Contact us for more information 

Brooke Gentile: or 502-219-7378