2023 OAK Conference 

CALL for sessions


OAK seeks engaging, innovative and educational conference sessions relevant to Kentucky's thriving regenerative organic agriculture community.  

Our annual conference, now in its 12th year, includes a growing audience of hundreds of Kentuckians and neighbors active in our community food systems: farmers, researchers, nonprofit professionals, federal /state agency partners, allied service providers and conscious consumers working collectively to build a local, resilient and healthy food system. The synergy of these diverse voices, messages and approaches combined with the place-based connection to our Kentucky farms, soil and communities provides a rich foundation for conversation and growth. We invite you to be a part of it!

In 2023, our conference program features three days of inspiration from local and regional speakers, useful Trade Show resources and abundant networking opportunities to empower and support farmers and food system change-makers.

Please complete this form to propose a session or workshop for the 12th Annual OAK Conference on January 26-28, 2023. Submission deadline is July 29, 2022.

The primary focus of OAK Conference programming is on-farm production systems, techniques and practices - and yet the interwoven threads of community, conservation, and conscious choice-making are inseparable from the sustainable agriculture movement. Preferred sessions are those demonstrating relevance to organic and regenerative agriculture, immediate application on or off the farm to support the work of farmers and food system allies, and/or opportunities for growth and resilience for our communities. Preferred presenters engage the audience, demonstrate practical connections between content and farm success, share valid, innovative research and best practices, and highlight successes and challenges within their content.

Topics could include…

  • Community

    • Social Equity / Justice In Food Systems

    • Consumer Education

    • Collaborative Farming

  • Viability

    • Building Local / Regional Markets

    • Food And Farming Policy

    • Beginning / Aspiring Farmer Focus

    • Experienced / Advanced Farmer Focus

    • Climate Resiliency

  • Conservation Practices

    • Cover Crops

    • Regenerative Grazing

    • Plastic Reduction

    • On-Farm Inputs

    • Integrated Crop-Livestock Production

    • Biodiversity / Pollinators

    • Agroforestry

  • Organic Farming Practices

    • Soil Health

    • On-Farm Research

    • Crop-Specific Production

    • Transitioning To Organic

    • Organic Pest And Disease Management

  • Skillshares

    • Farm Hacks

    • DIY Tools

    • On-Farm Innovations

    • Systems That Work!

  • Business Of Farming:

    • Hiring, Employee, Labor Practices 

    • Recordkeeping

    • Funding

    • Planning

    • Marketing


The #OAK2023 schedule may include multiple session lengths:  

  • 10- To 20-minute Farmer Panel Presentations - 1/27/2023 and 1/28/2023

    • 1 farmer presenter; visual and descriptive presentation of systems, solutions, successes and/or tools that work!

  • 60- or 90-minute Sessions - 1/27/2023 and 1/28/2023

    • 1-2 presenters preferred; inspiration, information, demonstration; includes 10-15 minutes for Q&A

  • Half-day (~3 hrs) or Full-day (~6 hrs) Workshops - 1/26/2023

    • 2 or more presenters preferred; hands-on / experiential component or audience engagement required; immersive program providing working knowledge, deep understanding, and/or skills-building in/around a topic. NOTE: Agenda/outline required with proposal.


OAK is pleased to offer complimentary registration to our presenters for as much of the conference as they commit to attend. Limited funding is available to cover presenter requests beyond the complimentary registration. OAK is a nonprofit organization supported by our members, and we ask presenters to consider this when making requests. 

All submissions will be considered by the Conference Committee; not all sessions will make the program. Notification will be sent via email to the primary presenter listed below by September 30, 2022.

We're happy to offer feedback on your ideas prior to submission; please contact Jenny at 502-517-9629 or jenny@oak-ky.org. Thank you for your interest in helping us build a more regenerative regional food system.