Interested to serve as a Board Member for the Organic Association of Kentucky? OAK is currently looking for possible candidates and is requesting your nominations. As a part of our community, you or someone you know may be the right person to bring their time and talent to serve in this important role. The Board will review applications and put forth a slate of candidates for our membership to vote on in the beginning of each year. 


The Board of Directors actively supports OAK and promotes its mission, vision, programs and fundraising efforts. We are looking for individuals who are interested in helping OAK grow the sustainable and organic farming movement in Kentucky. We especially need Board Members who have experience in the areas of fundraising, finance or organic farming.


Interested to join OAK’s Board of Directors?

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What you need to know about being a Board Member:


Mission Statement: The Organic Association of Kentucky (OAK) is a non-profit membership organization dedicated to improving the health of people and the environment by educating and providing resources for farmers and consumers interested in driving change to a more sustainable food system.


A strong board of directors is critical to the mission of any organization, and OAK seeks board members who have a strong commitment to the environment, to health and/or to the success of farmers, who can strengthen the organization through gifts of time, enthusiasm, expertise and/or funds.  


Board Member Duties and Responsibilities:


Length of Term

Board members serve a three-year term and may serve up to two successive three-year terms, if nominated for a second term.


Time Commitment Required

  • The board of directors meets every month via conference call, for an average of one-two hour(s) per meeting

  • Generally, committees of the board meet four to six times a year, depending on the committee.

  • Board members will have face-to-face meetings quarterly.

  • Board members are expected to serve on at least one committee.

  • Board members are expected to attend events and other awareness and networking events, as appropriate and within the board member’s available time.


General Qualifications

  • Each board member must be passionate about the mission of OAK and should have the skills or attributes described below:

    • Possess an understanding and appreciation of, or a willingness to learn, the history and mission of OAK.

    • Demonstrate high ethical standards and integrity in his or her personal and public conduct.

Knowledge and Experience

  • Possess experience in business, professional, or volunteer positions that will enable him or her to provide useful insights into various matters addressed by the board.

  • Have the willingness and ability to quickly learn and apply principles and practices of governance and fiscal oversight as required to be an effective board member.


Fiduciary Responsibilities and Support

  • Actively participate in fundraising, fiscal responsibility and raising awareness for OAK by:

    • Holding OAK accountable to the approved Fiscal Procedures Policy

    • Plan for the long-term fiscal health of the organization

    • Attending one or more OAK events, including Conference and Field Days.

    • Be a member of OAK

    • Make a meaningful contribution to OAK’s Annual Fund. Each board member will give a personally generous gift within his/her means on an annual basis as a sign of commitment to the organization and as a sign of respect for the other board members and donors who support the organization.

    • Assist in securing contributions on behalf of OAK from sources identified by the board or staff as prospects.

    • Assisting to identify groups and events at which OAK staff might speak.

    • Participating in donor cultivation events.

    • Identifying potential new donors and building support for OAK in the community, especially the corporate giving community and through private foundations.


General Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Each board member is expected to:

    • Participate in board meetings by actively engaging in discussion and responding to alternative viewpoints through effective communication.

    • Devote the time required to be an effective board member, including serving on one or more board committees; preparing for board and committee meetings through advance review of meeting materials; and attending at least 75 percent of all board and committee meetings.

    • Actively participate in fundraising and raising awareness for OAK as detailed above.

    • Commit to attend annual events designated for board members, such as social functions designed to integrate the board and acquaint board members with one another, and other special functions as requested.

    • Be willing to participate in periodic board member self-evaluations and annual board evaluations, and be open to give and receive constructive criticism on performance as a board member in order to improve the organization as a whole.

    • Adhere to OAK policies applicable to board members, including maintaining the confidentiality of OAK information and following conflict of interest disclosure procedures.

    • Stay informed about OAK and keep up to date on news relevant to our work.

    • Help find new members who support OAK’s mission, are willing to advocate on behalf of OAK, and who will work well with other members of the board.

    • Assist with volunteer/member recruitment and engagement.